Hawaii small business plans

(For small business—1 to 50 employees)

Our small business plans give employees what they need to be healthier and more productive every day — preventive services, health promotion tools, and care for ongoing health conditions. From traditional HMO plans with comprehensive coverage and predictable copayments to plans that provide lower premiums and expanded provider networks, we’ve got plans tailored to suit every employee’s needs.

The following plan offerings are only an example of what we have to offer small businesses. More plan flexibility and benefit options are available to suit your needs. Contact us for more information.

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KP Platinum - $15-Drug-Optical-Dental–Chiro/Acu/Massage–Fit Rewards
KP Platinum - $20-Drug-Optical-Dental–Chiro/Acu/Massage–Fit Rewards


KP Gold - $20-Drug-Optical-Dental–Chiro/Acu/Massage–Fit Rewards

Riders and Added Value Services

Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Pharmacy Benefits
Fit Rewards
Care Away From Home