Hawaii large business plans

(For large business—groups of 51 or more)

Our expanded range of plans is designed to meet a variety of needs. Large businesses now have more opportunities to build healthier, more productive workforces — and their employees have more choices at affordable prices.

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The following plan offerings are only an example of what we have to offer large businesses. More plan flexibility and benefit options are available to suit your needs. Contact us for more information.

KP Hawaii 220
KP Hawaii 320
KP Hawaii 401
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Added Choice POS 80/20 plans

For large business—groups of 51 or more

Our Added Choice® POS plans meet the needs of large businesses and their employees by offering more flexibility and choice.

With these plans, employees can receive care from Kaiser Permanente facilities and physicians or from any non–Kaiser Permanente facility or physician — at any time they choose. And lower administrative costs make these plans an attractive option for employers.

Important note: To offer our Added Choice® POS plan to employees, a large business must also offer our HMO product. Generally, employees can choose either the HMO or POS plan at the time of enrollment.

2021 Added Choice POS 80/20 306 Plan
2021 Added Choice POS 80/20 405 Plan

Riders and Added Value Services

Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Pharmacy Benefits
Fit Rewards
Care Away From Home