Mid & large business

Georgia mid & large group business plans and products

(1 - 100 full time and full-time equivalent employees)

Unlike other health insurance options, Kaiser Permanente provides both the health plan and the health care. The result is a tangible difference for our customers: state-of-the-art medical care, greater convenience, lower costs, and outstanding levels of satisfaction. All of our plans are simple to use and feature access to a wide range of care options — from preventive services to specialty care and effective disease management programs. Plus, by pairing care and coverage, our connected model offers a health care experience that's simpler, more efficient, and easier to administer.

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HMO Plans

HMO plans feature predictable copays to make it easier for employees to manage their health care spending. All of our HMO plans include access to highly skilled, experienced top doctors, 18 hospital partners, and 26 medical centers located throughout the metro Atlanta area and Athens.

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Dual Choice PPO Plans

Our Dual Choice PPO plans* are similar to pairing a Kaiser Permanente HMO plan with the flexibility of a PPO plan. Each time members need care, they can see a Kaiser Permanente provider, a network provider, or an out-of-network provider. They can also fill prescriptions at either a Kaiser Permanente pharmacy or a participating MedImpact pharmacy, regardless of the prescribing provider. *Dual Choice PPO is fully underwritten by Kaiser Permanente Insurance Company (KPIC), a subsidiary of Kaiser Foundation Health Plan (KFHP).

To learn more about Dual Choice, download the Dual Choice PPO guide.

Complete Suite Portfolio

Offer a total health care solution with Kaiser Permanente's Complete Suite. Complete Suite is our offering that pairs our HMO plans and our Dual Choice PPO plans.* Complete Suite provides the freedom to see any doctor members choose, while giving members the ability to better control their health care costs.

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Deductible HMO Plans

With Kaiser Permanente's Deductible HMO Plan with HRA, we offer members high-quality health care at a great value. Deductible HMO plans come with a wider range of cost share options and price points to meet the financial needs of members.

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*Dual Choice PPO is fully underwritten by Kaiser Permanente Insurance Company (KPIC), a subsidiary of Kaiser Foundation Health Plan (KFHP).

Consumer-directed health care for use with (HSA, HRA, FSA)

With our consumer-directed health care (CDHC) options, you can match one of our lower-cost deductible plans with one of our health payment accounts - an HSA, HRA, or FSA administered through Kaiser Permanente.

Multi-site plans

A set of off-the-shelf plan designs that offer consistent benefits across all Kaiser Permanente regions. These plans are for mid-sized and large-sized groups with employees and retirees in more than one Kaiser Permanente region.

Do you have satellite employees who live in another Kaiser Permanente service area? Our multi-site plans ensure that your employees receive all the services they're entitled to, in every Kaiser Permanente service area. With these plans, you can offer standardized benefits, predetermined rates, and guaranteed issue in each service area.*
For specific plan information, contact an account manager.

*Due to individual state requirements, copayments and benefits may vary slightly between service areas, and plans in some states may include out-of-network benefits.