Hawaii Individual and Family Plans and Products

With Kaiser Permanente Hawaii, our members get more than health insurance. They get personalized health care that centers around them. We offer a variety of plan options to choose from. To view rates, get a quote, or apply online click here.

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2021 Enrollment Information

2021 KPIF Enrollment Guide
2021 KPIF Application
2021 KPIF SEP Guide
2021 KPIF SEP Proof of Triggering Event Form
2021 KPIF Account Change Form

Evidence of Coverage

Members can view their Evidence of Coverage online.

Enrolling during a special enrollment period

You may change or apply for health care coverage during an annual open enrollment period. Outside of the open enrollment period, you can enroll or change your coverage only if you have experienced a situation known as a triggering event. For example, if you get married, have a baby, or lose coverage because you lose your job — all triggering events — you will have a special enrollment period.

In some situations, if you are aware of a triggering event that will occur in the future, you may be able to apply for new coverage prior to the triggering event. For example, if you know you will lose coverage, you have 60 days before your loss of coverage and 60 days after your loss of coverage to apply for health coverage.

For more information or details on special enrollment, click here.