Georgia 2021 Individual and Family Plans and Products

(1 - 100 full time and full-time equivalent employees)

Give your clients the health coverage they needat prices they can afford. All of our individual and family plans offer the same quality coverage at affordable rates. The main differences between the plans are the deductible levels and the way you pay for services.

Kaiser Permanente offers a variety of options for individual and family plans. Download the enrollment brochure (PDF) to learn more.

You may change or apply for health coverage during an annual open enrollment period. Outside of the enrollment period, you have a special enrollment period to enroll or change your coverage if you experience what's known as a triggering event. Learn more about that in the special enrollment guide (PDF).

Advertise your status as a Kaiser Permanente Authorized Agent - download the official logo from the Kaiser Permanente Brand Center (PDF).

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