California 2021 Individual and Family Plans and Products

With Kaiser Permanente, your clients get more than health coverage. They get personalized health care that centers around them. Our product portfolio offers individuals and families a wide choice of health plans ranging from copayment, coinsurance, deductible and deductible plans with health savings account (HSA) options. 

Each legal agreement below describes the health plan's contract coverage, services and benefits. 

Combined Membership Agreement, Evidence of Coverage and Disclosure Forms: January 1, 2021-December 31, 2021

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Bronze plans

Kaiser Permanente-Bronze 60 HDHP HMO (PDF)
Kaiser Permanente-Bronze 60 HMO (PDF)
Kaiser Permanente-Bronze 60 HMO 8200/0%

Silver plans

Kaiser Permanente-Silver 70 HMO Off Exchange
Kaiser Permanente-Silver 70 HMO 2500/45
Kaiser Permanente-Silver 70 HDHP HMO 3250/20%

Gold plans

Kaiser Permanente-Gold 80 HMO Coinsurance
Kaiser Permanente-Gold 80 HMO

Platinum plans

Kaiser Permanente-Platinum 90 HMO

Minimum coverage

Kaiser Permanente-Minimum Coverage HMO