Enrollment Is Easier Than Ever

Open Enrollment is a busy time, and we’ve designed tools to help you get members enrolled as quickly and easily as possible.

Read through our tips below, sign in to your account, then visit the Manage Members area to get started.

  • Forget faxing. Enrolling members online is the fastest way to add a group member; online enrollments are usually complete within minutes, instead of days with paper applications.
  • No more phone calls. You can also confirm that online enrollments have been completed using the Transaction History feature. (No more waiting in long phone queues to see if a member has been added. You’ll always know the status of your online transactions, and we’ll reach out to you if we need more info.)
  • Upload a spreadsheet. Have a lot of members to enroll into a single group? Use the Mass Enrollment tool to populate up to 250 applications instantly.