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Occupational Health – Kaiser Permanente On-The-Job

Kaiser Permanente On-the-Job is a managed care organization (MCO) that was certified by the state of Oregon in 1990. As an MCO client, you can direct your injured workers to a specific set of physicians for care related to on-the-job illnesses and injuries. Kaiser Permanente On-the-Job has consistently demonstrated total lower claim costs for employers, including medical and time-loss costs.

Our physicians and staff are dedicated to minimizing functional impairment of the worker and to encourage and assist workplace efforts in health maintenance and promotion.

Our Kaiser Permanente On-the-Job program is effective because we tailor our resources to individual client needs. Our services are backed by the facilities and staff of Kaiser Permanente and our more than 50 years of experience as a fully integrated, managed health care provider.

How does this program work?

Kaiser Permanente On-the-Job provides medical treatment for work-related injuries and illnesses, workplace health services, medical exams, employer consultation, whether they are Kaiser Permanente members or nonmembers. Employees receiving treatment under this program also have access to our full range of health care services, including specialty care, if needed.

These services include, but are not limited to

  • medical treatment for work-related injuries
  • workplace health services
  • medical exams
  • employer consultation
  • claim tracking and employer reports

Follow-up procedure

After one of our health care professionals sees an employee initially for a work-related injury or illness, the employer will be notified the next working day with the following information:

  • diagnosis
  • plan of treatment
  • return-to-work status
  • work restrictions, if any

Coordinated care and services

Kaiser Permanente physicians and staff coordinate medical treatment for work-related injuries and illnesses, offer workplace health services, medical exams, consultations, and time-loss prevention programs.

Whenever we provide treatment to ill or injured workers, you will be notified within 24 hours. We will give you the diagnosis, the plan of treatment, return-to-work status, and work restrictions, if any.

Workers do not need to be Kaiser Permanente members to be treated for on-the-job illness or injury by Kaiser Permanente On-the-Job.

Our occupational health services are dedicated to

  • delivering quality, comprehensive occupational health services for the purpose of preventing, recognizing, and treating work-related injuries and illnesses.
  • minimizing functional impairment of the worker
  • returning workers who have been ill or injured back to work when medically appropriate

Our specialized medical staff and clinics

Our full-time staff of health care providers is dedicated to preventing and treating work-related injuries and illnesses. All physicians in our Occupational Medicine Department are board certified; we have Oregon 's largest group practice of physicians certified by the American Boards of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. Supporting these physicians is a team of allied health care professionals, occupational health nurses, and health administrators specializing in occupational medicine.

We have nine occupational health clinics at our medical facilities located in Portland and Salem in Oregon, and in the Vancouver and Longview areas in Washington.

For more information

For more information on any of these services, e-mail our marketing assistant, Dianne Gibson, at You may also call us at 503-813-4133 or 1-800-813-2000, ext. 49-4133 (toll free).