Authorize a broker

to manage your account online

Partner with your broker to help ease your health care administration. By allowing them to access your online account, your broker can quickly manage members on your behalf — no paper forms needed.

Here’s how to set up your broker:

1. Grant account access

Have your company’s primary online administrator visit the Manage User Access page on From there, you can give your broker access to your account.

If you haven’t selected a primary online administrator, designate one online or by mail.

2. Select permissions

You can choose what your broker can do on your behalf. We recommend giving your broker Role 4 — access to manage members.

You can update your permissions or remove a broker’s access to your account at any time.

Need help?

Contact a representative and get assistance with questions and requests related to your Kaiser Permanente account.

Enter access code

Enter your access code to link your group information to your online account. You will only need to enter the access code once.