Working together to keep your employees healthy

When circumstances change, we can offer a variety of options to help your employees continue their health care coverage. The American Rescue Plan Act may provide your employees with different options to keep their coverage and to pay for it.

Coverage choices for employees

We offer a wide range of plans for your employees to choose from.

  • COBRA and State Continuation plans offer employees temporary continuation of the same coverage they received in your group plan.
  • Our conversion plans enable employees to automatically transfer to an individual plan with no lapse in their health care coverage.

This does not require medical review.

Employees can also explore our variety of individual and family plans—both copayment and deductible options are available. Our Senior Advantage plan offers all the advantages of Medicare and more. Finally, if they qualify, employees may consider our subsidized plan.

Help your employees transition to new coverage

If your employees are experiencing a change in Kaiser Permanente group coverage, including due to workforce reduction, use this checklist to help guide your communications. The checklist includes links to materials with resources and tools for transitioning to new coverage:

  • for personalized coverage recommendations
  • 1-800-270-4095 (TTY 711) for a one-on-one consultation or to ask about financial assistance
  • Webinars for answers to coverage questions. Check the schedule at for dates and times. Each webinar includes a short, recorded presentation followed by a live chat with an advisor.