Continuation of care-from EAP to our behavioral health services

Ensuring a smooth transition from an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to Kaiser Permanente care can help your company better manage costs. If there's a gap in care, employees can lose treatment progress and momentum, which can lead to more days off work and increased absenteeism. Your EAP providers can call our toll-free EAP provider helpline at 888-677-9993 to transition Kaiser Permanente members to Kaiser Permanente behavioral health.

Employees who need to transition from an Employee Assistance Program provider to Kaiser Permanente can do so easily and quickly. There are no referrals required-members can simply call for an appointment. You can assist your employees or simply share the continuation-of-care options below. Members can:

  • Contact the behavioral health department at their local Kaiser Permanente facility for an appointment; phone numbers are available on
  • Call their local advice nurse line-available 24/7
  • Call or email their Kaiser Permanente doctor's office
  • Make a nonurgent appointment at
  • Enroll in a support class or group that would address depression, anxiety disorders, insomnia, couples communication, chemical dependency, anger management, parenting, and more

Employees are encouraged to sign a consent form to release clinical information so our behavioral health staff can successfully coordinate with EAP providers. Members can also visit for more information about Kaiser Permanente behavioral health tools and resources, as well as support groups close to their home or work.


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