Frequently asked questions

About our online account services

What are online account services?

Our online account services are developed specifically to help employers manage their Kaiser Permanente accounts. These services allow you to:

  • add or terminate employee and dependent coverage
  • change employee and dependent demographic information
  • view a list of subscribers and their covered dependents
  • view your balance due
  • view payment history
  • view your monthly bill
  • pay your bill
Are enrollment changes completed immediately?

Demographic changes, coverage terminations, and most enrollments are completed immediately. That means they are registered on our system when you press the "Submit" button. For enrollments where the online system can't match the enrollee to an existing record with 100 percent accuracy, the information will be sent to an account service representative for manual processing. Our service goal is to process these enrollments within two business days.

Can I still file membership via electronic file transfer?

Yes. In fact, we encourage it. Filing electronically is a great way to go. However, the online functions will still benefit you by:

  • providing a quick way to get a status on your account without making a phone call
  • allowing you to work according to your schedule, without limiting you to Kaiser Permanente's service hours
Will I still receive a paper bill?

You will continue to receive a paper bill.

Do I have to use the Internet for everything?

No. We are offering you the use of the Internet as an added, convenient way to work with Kaiser Permanente, because we think it will make the administration of your Kaiser Permanente health plan benefits easier. Think of this online service as a "health plan ATM"—it provides you with faster service. You may still call an account service representative at any time for one-on-one customer service.

Will this service handle Medicare and COBRA enrollments?

COBRA enrollments can be processed using online account services.* For Medicare enrollments please contact your Kaiser Permanente group representative for more information.

Will my employees have access to the service?

No. The service is designed for your group to manage your health plan accounts online. However, your employees who have selected Kaiser Permanente as their health plan can use our Web site,, to do the following activities:

  • request appointments
  • use the health and drug encyclopedias
  • contact a pharmacist with a question
  • access other useful features to help them manage the health care of themselves and their families
Can I have an additional user ID for another person?

Absolutely. Kaiser Permanente will provide you with one user ID that gives you administrator privileges. That ID allows you to create access codes for those you wish to register and access the site, and to vary their privileges according to their responsibilities. (You will find this item in the "Account access" menu within online account services.)

When can I begin using this online service?

As soon as you receive your purchaser ID, you can preview online account services by taking our tour. At the end of the tour, you can download an Online account services user ID request form and fax it to the number listed on that form. You will receive your access code in an email, so you can begin using the site after having registered. Please note that you ust list yourself as the "requester" on the form.

*This feature is not applicable to Kaiser Permanente-administered COBRA Plans.

Enter access code

Enter your access code to link your group information to your online account. You will only need to enter the access code once.