Virtual Complete Plans

With a Kaiser Permanente Virtual CompleteTM plan, your employees can get high-quality care that’s both affordable and convenient — helping them stay healthier and more engaged on the job. Your employees will get to choose how they get care, taking full advantage of our many no-cost virtual care options — while having access to in-person primary care whenever they need it.

Offer your workforce a virtual-first option for affordable and convenient telehealth care

Telehealth isn’t an add-on at Kaiser Permanente; it’s a core feature of our integrated care delivery system. With our Virtual Complete plans, your employees will have many ways to access high-quality virtual care — for many health conditions — that’s both affordable and convenient, keeping them healthier and more engaged on the job. They’ll get to choose how they get care, taking full advantage of our many no-cost virtual care options — while having access to in-person primary care whenever they need it.

Our care teams are connected through our electronic health record system

Your employees get coordinated care from a team that always knows their medical history — whether care is received virtually or in-person.1 Your employees can have confidence that they’ll get the right care at the right time.

In-person care, labs, and medical facilities are connected to virtual care such as prescription delivery, 24/7 advice line, and video and phone appointments.

Greater affordability through a virtual-first approach to care

Virtual Complete plans offer upfront value through $0 virtual care. Each virtual care appointment can save time missed away from work, and also:

  • Lower costs for both employers and employees
  • Reduce workforce stress
  • Remove barriers to getting care
And when your employees need in-person care, with no referral required, they’ll still have access to a wide range of common services available at a predictable copay.2

This chart highlights a sample of our Virtual Complete offering.
Virtual care
Primary care, specialty care, mental health, pediatrics, dermatology, and more
Digital health support (3)
Self-care apps, personalized healthy lifestyle programs, and more
In-person preventive care
Routine physicals, screenings, and immunizations
In-person office visits
Including primary care, mental health, and more
First 3 visits: $30 before deductible
Additional visits: $30 after deductible
Lab tests $15, not subject to deductible
Generic prescriptions $15, not subject to deductible
Deductible Range of deductible options

Virtual care can address a wide range of health needs

We also use virtual care for preventive measures and chronic condition management, not just for simple one-time care needs.

Many care teams provide virtual care, including:4

Primary care

Mental health


Family medicine

Women's Health


Urgent Care


Cold and Flu

Internal medicine

Contact your Kaiser Permanente representative for more information about Virtual Complete plans and additional resources.

Refer to Frequently Asked Questions about Virtual Complete Plans

1Only when seen at Kaiser Permanente medical facilities.
2Copays for in-person office visits, lab tests, and generic prescriptions might be different
3Digital health offerings are not covered benefits and are subject to change.
4Available services vary based on the market; and not all conditions can be managed virtually.