Manage Account Access

Each group should have a Primary Group Administrator to oversee online transactions and delegate additional users.

Designating the Primary Group Administrator

Step 1

The Group Contract Signer completes the online Group Administrator User Registration Agreement to designate the Primary Group Administrator. An access code will be sent to your selected Administrator, allowing them to link their online account to your group information.

Step 2

The selected Primary Group Administrator must register for an account if you don’t already have an existing user ID. Once the access code email is received, log into and enter the code under “Your account” within seven days. This will confirm your role as the Primary Group Administrator.

Designating additional users

The Primary Group Administrator is responsible for adding and maintaining the group’s online users. To add additional users to your group’s account, select the “Your account” tab and click “Manage user access.”

If you have a broker designated with Kaiser Permanente, they will have access to enroll and terminate members, update member information, and order ID cards on your behalf. You can always update their level of access as needed.