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Available 24/7, self-service quoting on will save you valuable time.

You can conveniently:

  • Produce a variety of quotes for prospective clients, easily revise quotes in real time, and convert quotes to enrollments
  • Generate Employee Enrollment Worksheets to help employees make informed decisions at open enrollment
  • Explore different renewal options and compare plans, rates, and benefit information in real time
  • Quickly access recent quotes and check the status of your group enrollments and renewal transactions

Make the most of self-service quoting by watching the training video for quick step-by-step guidance.


Employee Enrollment Worksheet

When you’ve completed a Select Plans Quote, you’ll also have the option to generate Employee Enrollment Worksheets that are designed to help employees make informed health plan enrollment decisions. The worksheets, personalized for each employee in the census, provide information on all the Kaiser Permanente plans being offered, and include the employer’s contribution, the employee’s monthly cost, and high-level benefit details.

Make the most of the Employee Enrollment Worksheet by watching the training video for quick step-by-step guidance.

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