Apply for coverage

You’re an important partner, and we’re here to support you as you grow your business and increase your revenue in this exciting market. If you’re new to selling Kaiser Permanente small business plans, we can help you ask the right questions to efficiently qualify, quote, and enroll new groups. Follow the steps below to help your clients find the coverage that’s right for them.

Step 1: Get to know your prospect

We’ve prepared a list of important questions for you to ask a prospective client. These questions will help you:

  • determine if they’re eligible for small group coverage
  • identify potential issues you can address now — before enrollment
  • get the information you need to successfully position a solution to meet their needs

Please record your prospect’s answers on the questionnaire so you can review them with your Kaiser Permanente sales executive.

Step 2: Quote your group

If your group answered "yes" to the questionnaire, it appears the group qualifies for coverage.

  • You can also get a small business quote by emailing a completed census form or excel template with company name and zip code to our broker sales team at The form should include subscribers’ ZIP codes and ages, as well as the ages of their spouses and dependents.

Call your Kaiser Permanente sales executive to review your proposal and get help preparing to present the solution and quote to your prospect. If you have not received a call or email from your sales executive call 800-789-4661 so they can introduce you.

Step 3: You got the sale — what’s next?

Get your new group processed quickly and efficiently by going to our small business forms page for all current forms, producer guidelines, and a requirements matrix. Refer to the enrollment and proposal materials below and additional resource links.

Review plan and product options and additional new group enrollment resources for brokers.

Order sales and enrollment materials online and ship to your office or your customers' locations.

New group submission guidelines

Read these new group submission guidelines to save time and ensure efficient processing.

Once you’ve checked these submission guidelines, email the required documentation for your new group to For assistance, call our New Group Sales Support Team at 800-789-4661.