Deductible Plans

Consumer-directed plan options

A suite of consumer-directed health plans are also available. By combining a medical plan with a financial account option, these plans provide cost-sharing and protection from high out-of-pocket medical expenses. Learn more about:

The CDHC study brochure discusses a 6-year study of nearly 1,700 large group customers who adopted Kaiser Permanente consumer-directed health care (CDHC) plans — and demonstrates how our integrated care model helps to maximize the cost savings, quality, and member engagement our CDHC plans offer.

Tools and resources for brokers

  • Plan information — find the right deductible plan for your clients.
  • Deductible funding policy — Use the deductible funding (PDF) to learn how our policy affects your clients and their business.
  • Deductible plan facts — use our Q&A flyer (PDF) to help answer your clients' questions.
  • Estimates and out-of-pocket summary video — see a demonstration of these new tools designed to help your clients and their employees better estimate their share of cost.

Tools and resources for employers

Use these online tools to find answers about our deductible HMO plans: