Flexible solutions

Offering the right mix of coverage, cost, and convenience for your organization

  • create a customized, comprehensive plan for your retirees and your budget
  • choose the level of benefits you want to offer
  • take advantage of time-saving options that reduce your administrative burden

Solutions to save time and money

With Kaiser Permanente, you get a wide range of options that help you maximize your retiree health care strategy while also easing your organization’s administrative burden. You can focus on building your business while making sure your retirees are protected.

Direct billing

Through our direct billing program, we can manage the billing for your Medicare retirees who are enrolled in our group Medicare health plans. And our Member Service Call Center will handle your members’ billing questions. By choosing direct billing, you’ll no longer have to: 1

  • print and mail invoices
  • send out bills
  • collect delinquent payments
  • field billing-related calls

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As the plan sponsor, you still need to continue to perform other administrative responsibilities, such as producing the summary plan, transferring employees from their active enrollment unit or subgroup to the new direct-billing enrollment unit, informing your retirees of rate and benefit changes, and changing their employment status to retired.

Group Medicare health plan with HRA

Once you’ve added direct billing, another benefit to consider is a health reimbursement arrangement (HRA). Combine our Medicare health plan with an HRA to provide your retirees and employees with tax-free funds they can use to pay for premiums or qualified medical expenses.

With an HRA, you set a specific contribution limit and the per Medicare retiree contribution amount. Continue to offer group benefits while providing a fixed subsidy that you control.

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Converting members turning 65 is easy

Our Member Age-In program allows your eligible employees and retirees to switch from your Kaiser Permanente commercial coverage to our Medicare health plan when they turn 65. When a member turns 64, we kick off a 16-month educational and enrollment program that includes:

  • an introductory letter
  • Medicare information
  • an enrollment kit
  • reminder phone call and mailing

And it’s automatically included with the Kaiser Permanente Group Medicare health plan, so you don’t have to opt in or sign up.

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To learn more about our highly rated group Medicare health plans and how they can benefit your business, please contact your Kaiser Permanente account manager or retiree consultant.