Individual and family

KPIF national broker support services

Get in contact with a representative regarding pre and post-sale support for your Kaiser Permanente Individuals and Families (KPIF) clients by email or phone. See the list of contacts, depending on your needs:


Phone: 1-844-394-3978

Option 1: KPIF broker post-sale support: Application status, billing questions, current plan/product information, etc.

Option 2: California Compensation Services

Option 3: Northwest Compensation Services: Licensing and appointment, commission inquiries, book of business transfer or reconciliation, etc.

Option 4: KPIF broker pre-sale support: Plan or rates questions, how to submit an application, current plan SMU assistance, etc.

Submitting multiple questions by email

If you have multiple questions about Kaiser Permanente for Individuals and Families (KPIF) applications, billing, and administration, you will find it more efficient to fill out a client inquiry form for application status and send it to This streamlined process will help ensure your questions are resolved quickly. For compensation questions, fill our a client inquiry form for compensation and send it to

Northwest Regional Sales and Account Management

Heather Williams

Title: Senior KPIF Territory Manager
Phone: 503-813-4216
Mobile: 971-235-8936
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Contact sheet

Melissa Hand

Title: KPIF Account Manager
Phone: 503-813-3545
Mobile: 503-457-6766
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