Washington - Dental sale (existing business)

Dental coverage can be added at renewal or the first of any month throughout the year.

Enrollment materials

Steps to add dental coverage:

  1. Obtain rates from the group's medical renewal quote or if off renewal, contact a representative.
  2. Select the benefits that best meet your client's needs. See our dental plans and products.
  3. Complete the employer dental application.
  4. Fax, mail, email the completed forms to your Kaiser Permanente representative. A check for the first months premium is not needed as we will bill along with the medical in the next billing month.

Fax: 1-877-237-5548

Kaiser Permanente
Small Business Group
500 NE Multnomah St., Suite 100
Portland, OR 97232

Email: small.group.respond@kp.org.

Please contact a representative if you have questions regarding the application process.