Transparency in Pricing (TiP) / H.R. 133 Broker Compensation Disclosure FAQs Available

Kaiser Permanente has compiled Group Health Plan FAQs for the new Transparency in Pricing (TiP) / H.R. 133 regulations as it applies to Broker disclosure of direct and indirect compensation.

What You Should Know

These new FAQs answer questions related to:

  • High level overview of regulation
  • Disclosure requirements
  • Broker/Consultant/Employer Group responsibilities
  • Kaiser Permanente’s role

What You Should Do

  • Use the FAQs on to familiarize yourself with these new requirements. These FAQs will continue to be updated as we get more information.


The NEW Broker General FAQ page is now LIVE on and includes information about:

  • Online Tools
  • Group Documents and Invoices
  • Sales
  • Broker Administration and Compensation (coming soon!)

For further information, please contact your Sales Executive or Account Management representative.