Workforce Health strategies are more relevant than ever – don’t forget these resources!

As COVID-19 vaccines become readily available and employees go back to work, it is more important than ever to keep our communities safe and healthy. Here’s a refresh on all the return-to-work materials available to you and your clients as well as an event opportunity to learn more about workforce health as a business strategy.

Changes to the COVID-19 Return to Work Playbook
The most recent updates to the playbook include the following:

  • Vaccine information and suggestions for building confidence among team members
  • Understanding the new President’s administration guidelines and focus
  • Mask mandates on transportation
  • Social drivers of health* and telehealth access
  • Mental health and emotional well-being, including new content focused on grief

*As we continue to social distance and abide by CDC guidelines, loneliness is still considered one of the most powerful social determinants. This paired with recent social and political unrest amid an ongoing pandemic could severely impact psychological health, wellbeing and overall productivity of your workforce. Social Drivers of Health contribute not only to an employee’s risk of contracting the disease but also their ability to successfully recover. The playbook approaches wellbeing through a total health approach to promote more health equity to employees.

Upcoming “Compassionate Leadership” Learning Circle – Thursday March 25, 12pm ET
We are hosting an exciting virtual event featuring the expertise of Gene Gincherman, M.D., FACEP, a physician with our Mid-Atlantic Medical Group and Amy Arnold, Director of Workforce Health in an interactive discussion around how compassionate leadership will support your overall business strategy.

For more information and to register for the Learning Circle, view the invite here.

Check out these resources always available

COVID-19 resources

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