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Find doctors and providers who practice in our medical centers, are part of our networks, or practice in the community. Or search for the location of an urgent care center, hospital, lab, or pharmacy. You can even print your own mini-directory.

For a list of our Medicare Advantage providers, please view our Medicare Provider Directory.

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Visit the Dominion Dental Web site to find a general dentist or a dental specialist. To search for a dental practitioner from the Dominion Dental home page, use the "Find a Dentist" search tool on the right side of the page.

About our physicians
The Mid-Atlantic Permanente Medical Group (MAPMG) offers members additional choices through our network physicians. Find out more about our MAPMG and network physicians.

Kaiser Permanente has entered into an agreement with Dental Benefit Providers to provide or arrange for the administration of covered dental services to covered persons through participating dental practitioners.

The information contained in this online medical staff directory is updated periodically. Our online directory does not include information on all MAPMG physicians. Also, not all physicians listed in our online directory are open to new patients.

Information about a practitioner is provided to us by the practitioner, or by the credentialing board. If you have questions, please contact Member Services at 1-800-777-7902 (toll free) in Maryland (for the hearing and speech impaired: TTY (301) 879-6380); 1-800-777-7902 (toll free) in Virginia (for the hearing and speech impaired: TTY (301) 879-6380); 1-800-777-7902 (toll free) in the District of Columbia (for the hearing and speech impaired: TTY (301) 879-6380). You can also call the Maryland Board of Physicians at 1-800-492-6836 (toll free), the Virginia Department of Health Professions at (804) 662-9900, or the Washington, D. C. Department of Health at (202) 671-5000.