Client support frequently asked questions

Commission payments

What is your commission payment?

Our commission schedule is based on monthly premiums paid by employers or individual families depending on the product. For specific information, please contact a representative.

Accessing care - ID cards

How can new members receive care?

Identification cards are mailed to subscribers' homes upon enrollment. If members need to obtain services before receiving their Kaiser Permanente ID card, they should use a copy of their enrollment form and a photo ID.

Online support

Are online customer account services free?

Yes. Kaiser Permanente does not charge for the use of its online customer account services.

When can my clients begin using online account services?

Your clients can preview our online account services by taking our tour. At the end of the tour, they can download a user ID request form and fax it to the number listed on that form. They should receive their user ID and an access code in the mail within seven business days, allowing them to begin using the service. For security purposes, we will only mail the user ID and password to the client.

Do my clients have to go online for all their transactions?

No. We’re offering your clients online tools as an additional, convenient way to work with Kaiser Permanente and to make health plan benefits administration easier. Your clients will still be able to call the Kaiser Permanente membership administration number listed on their bill. A representative will be happy to assist them.

Can my clients create additional user IDs for other administrators?

Yes. We will provide your clients with one user ID that gives them administrator privileges. They can create additional user IDs with various privileges depending on the responsibilities of new users. They will find this function under the Account Access drop-down menu within the account services feature.

Are enrollment changes completed immediately?

Demographic changes and member terminations are completed immediately. That means they are registered on our system when users press the "Submit" button. For some enrollments where the online system can’t match the enrollee to an existing record with 100 percent accuracy, the information will be sent to a membership administration account service representative for manual processing to be completed within 48 hours.

Can my clients use online account services to handle COBRA and Medicare enrollments?

COBRA enrollments can be processed using online account services, if the client manages their own COBRA population. This feature is not available if the client uses a third party administrator or Kaiser Permanente bill and collect COBRA plans. For information on Medicare enrollments, please contact your Kaiser Permanente group representative.

Will my clients still receive a paper bill?

If your clients currently receive a paper bill, they will continue to receive a paper bill.

Will my clients' employees have access to online account services?

No. Online account services are designed for your clients to manage their health plan accounts. However, your clients' employees who have selected Kaiser Permanente as their health plan can use to:

  • Request appointments
  • View current lab results
  • E-mail their doctor's office
  • Contact a pharmacist with a question
  • Refill prescriptions
  • Access many other useful features
Filing membership electronically

Can my clients file membership electronically?

Yes. Your clients can file electronically (via diskettes, EDI, tapes, etc.). The electronic data interchange (EDI) format is standard between trading partners and is one of the national uniform standards of HIPAA. Contact your account manager or California Service Center if your client is interested in reporting electronically.

Billing cycles and delinquency notices

Can my small business clients have a choice in their billing cycle?

Yes. We’ve added more billing cycles, so your clients can make a choice based on their specific needs and cash flow.

How do you notify clients who are delinquent on payments?

We've streamlined our billing process to help remind your clients to make payments. Your clients will receive:

  • A warning letter that gives your clients an account balance and due date
  • A termination letter that follows the warning letter if the balance remains unpaid, and tells your clients the date coverage will end