Georgia Medicare Broker Program

Beginning June 2021, Kaiser Permanente has a Medicare Broker Program allowing brokers to sell Medicare Advantage plans to Medicare-eligible individuals. This program will be available in the Georgia region and will not include Medicare group sales.

How the program works:

  • You must be affiliated with at least one of two Field Marketing Organizations (FMOs) approved to sell Kaiser Permanente Medicare Advantage individual plans in the Colorado region: GS National and HealthMarkets. (Contact information below.)
  • Broker commissions will be paid through the FMOs. Brokers participating in this program can reach out to the FMO they’re working with to determine exact commissions.
  • Kaiser Permanente will not pay commissions on current KP Individual and Family (KPIF) Plan members who are aging into Medicare unless they already have an Agent of Record.
  • Kaiser Permanente will work with the Cavulus CRM platform to support broker leads, applications, and book of business management.
  • All broker commission payments will be distributed via the associated FMO within 60 days after the Medicare member’s effective date.
  • Brokers must maintain a production level of six new contracts per year in order to stay appointed as a Kaiser Permanente Medicare broker.

Field Marketing Organizations

To ensure a smooth launch of this program, Kaiser Permanente has entered into an agreement with two Field Marketing Organizations (FMOs): GS National and HealthMarkets. Broker commissions will be paid through our FMO partners. At this time, we cannot authorize individual agents or agencies that are not under contract with these two FMOs to sell our Medicare plans.

Brokers wishing to participate in the Medicare Broker Program, should contact one of the two organizations below to be appointed and approved.

Need more information?

To learn more about Kaiser Permanente’s Medicare Advantage plans and products for individuals, please visit

Anyone looking for additional information can call 1-800-700-7131 or email and a member of our Medicare Sales Team will respond as soon as possible.