Frequently asked questions

What is your commission payment?

Our commission schedule is based on monthly premiums paid by employers or individual families depending on the product. For specific information, please contact a representative.

What administrative tasks can I manage online for members?

Our online account services are developed specifically to help employers  manage their Kaiser Permanente accounts.

These services allow you to:

  • Add or terminate employee and dependent coverage
  • Change employee and dependent demographic information
  • View a list of subscribers and their covered dependents
  • View your balance due
  • View payment history
  • View your monthly bill
  • Pay your bill
Are these services free?

Yes. Kaiser Permanente does not charge for the use of its online Customer Account Services.

Are enrollment changes completed immediately?

Demographic changes and member terminations are completed immediately. That means they are registered on our system when you press the "Submit" button. For some enrollments where the online system can't match the enrollee to an existing record with 100 percent accuracy, the information will be sent to a Membership Administration account service representative for manual processing.

Can I file membership electronically?

Yes. Groups that have 20 plus members have the option to submit an Electronic File Integration (EFI) form, available when you register on

Will I still receive a paper bill?

If you currently receive a paper bill, you will continue to receive a paper bill. However, as part of our green initiative we encourage you to opt-in to paperless billing by emailing:

Will this service handle Medicare and COBRA enrollments?

COBRA enrollments can be processed using online account services.* For Medicare enrollments please contact your Kaiser Permanente group representative for more information regarding Senior Advantage.

Can my clients create additional user IDs for other administrators?

Yes. We will provide your clients with one user ID that gives them administrator privileges. They can create additional user IDs with various privileges depending on the responsibilities of new users. They will find this function under the Account Access drop-down menu within the account services feature.

* This feature is not applicable to Kaiser Permanente-administered COBRA Plans.