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Selecting health plan and care delivery options Recommending Kaiser Permanente to employers Talking to employees about Kaiser Permanente Explaining how members can access online care resources

How to register on

Encourage new members to register on, where they can conveniently schedule appointments, email their doctor's office, and more.

Exploring the KP mobile app

Welcoming new members to Kaiser Permanente

Getting started with Kaiser Permanente

Help new members get up to speed quickly with their plan. This handout explains how to choose a doctor, register at, and transfer prescriptions and medical records.

 How to calculate out-of-pocket expenses

  • Direct your clients and their employees to our tools and calculators page for valuable information on how to manage deductible plans.
Product-focused sales support tools Enhancing health and business performance

Share these links to help your clients understand the benefits of an effective workforce health strategy. They’ll find easy-to-use, step-by-step guides to help them build a healthier business, as well as engaging testimonials and links to third-party resources.

Broker tips and tools on video Mental health resources