Large business

Resources for your next sales meeting

Keep the latest information about our plans within easy reach for your next meeting with your large group clients. Download and print these materials, or contact your sales representative to order other sales and enrollment material—including plan descriptions, application forms, and directories.

Plans and product information

You can download these flyers for quick access to plan information.

Tools for HSA-qualified plans

Selling total health and productivity

Include employee health and productivity in your sales conversation. Explore these topics and more at our workforce health rescource center:

  • Presenteeism—when employees come to work sick and can’t perform well, lowering productivity  
  • Absenteeism—missing work, often because of illnesses or injuries
  • Fragmented care—how uncoordinated services can drive up the cost of care

Administrative tools for your clients

Client guides to administering Kaiser Permanente health benefits.