Individual and family

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Grow your business by assisting individual and family clients

It's an exciting time for you to grow your business. The Affordable Care Act introduces new complexities in health coverage decisions, so your role as a trusted advisor is more important than ever. Here are some ways to help you succeed:

Find out more about our individual and family health plans, including rates and benefit highlights.

Learn which provisions of the ACA will have a substantial impact on individuals and families in particular — including the individual mandate and exchanges.

For additional information on individual plans and new regulations, email the Broker Services Team at or call 844-394-3978.

Improve your online administration with delegated authority

Managing your broker account just got easier. With delegated authority, you can give members of your team access to your online account so they can log in and manage your book of business listings, including contracts, membership, renewals, and group details. See instructions on how to authorize delegates by taking an online account services tour for more information.

Stay current

Stay current on available resources regarding the Affordable Care Act by visiting What's new.