New Kaiser Permanente brokers

Locate your local sales representative.

Brokers in Northern California

Northern California small & large group inquiries call 800-789-4661.

Individual and Family Plan inquiries call 800-789-4661 & select option 6.

Brokers in Southern California

Southern California small group inquiries call 800-789-4661.

Southern California large group inquiries call the sales executive in your service area below:

Service Area Sales Executive Phone Number
Bakersfield Cory Chew 818-525-4345
Inland Empire Richard Carbajal 909-609-2821
L.A. Metro June Taylor 818-557-5791
Orange County Dwight Rim 714-796-2649
San Diego Monika Damani 619-542-7266
San Fernando Valley Tricia Romp 818-577-9888
San Gabriel Valley Albert Aleman 562-777-2730
Labor and Trust Funds (All Southern California) Account Services 818-557-3968
Out-of-state brokers

If you are an out-of-state broker, or if your group is headquartered out of state, and you need information for the group's California employees, please contact the following person:

Paul Bradley
Fax: 909-609-2801

Consultants in national or large consulting firms

If you are a consultant and need information for your group's California employees, please contact the following person:

Patricia Purvis
1545 River Park Drive, Suite 411
Sacramento, CA 95815

Emerging markets (languages other than English)
Sales and Broker Relations Emerging Markets team

Northern California

Jessica Huang
Sales Consultant

Southern California

Vivian Yun
Sales Consultant
Hector M Luna
Sales Consultant
Carmen Salcido
Sales Consultant

Ainee Wong
Sales Associate