Small business renewal information


Electronic Delivery Renewals

Beginning with September 2021 renewals, your clients’ next annual Kaiser Permanente small business renewals will only be available online on There’s nothing they need to do unless they prefer a paper renewal sent by U.S. mail.

To opt out of online delivery and receive paper renewals by mail, you or your clients must sign in to and select “Mail (Paper)” as their renewal packet delivery method. Look for an email or letter notifying you and them of this option. To opt out, you or your clients would need to take action by the date provided in the email or letter. Learn more on how to access the features.

Please advise your clients to make sure we have their correct email addresses for notifications about their accounts. If there are changes to their email addresses, they should email us at

Manage your clients' renewals online

Save time and manage your small business account online. Login to and access your client’s upcoming renewal to get a renewal quote or make a renewal plan change.

Renewal support documents

Plan and benefit changes

Plan discontinuation
Dental groups that have the Gold 80 HMO 500/30 + Child Dental will be notified of plan discontinuation prior to renewal via U.S. mail.

New PPO dental plans

Grandfathered plans
We continue to honor grandfathered (nonmetal) plans.

2020-2021 metal plan comparison charts to help your clients understand cost share changes from 2020-2021, including child dental.


Renewal support documents

Plan and benefit changes
No addition/deletion of new plans for 2020.

Grandfathered plans
We continue to honor grandfathered (nonmetal) plans.

  • Effective with your clients’ 2020 renewals, the individual deductible amount in their grandfathered $0/$2,700 Deductible Plan with HSA Option will change to $2,800 per calendar year. We’ll also update the plan name to $0/$2,800 Deductible Plan with HSA Option.
  • You’ll see this change reflected in your clients’ annual renewal materials.
While the individual deductible for this plan may be changing, the grandfathered status of their plan won’t change.
Renewal release dates

Use our schedule to find out when renewal materials will be available for groups with October 1, 2020 to December 1, 2021 effective dates.

Renewal month Posted on Mailed to purchasers
10/1/2020 7/3/2020 7/18/2020
11/1/2020 8/3/2020 8/18/2020
12/1/2020 9/2/2020 9/17/2020
1/1/2021 10/3/2020 10/19/2020
2/1/2021 11/3/2020 11/16/2020
3/1/2021 12/1/2020 12/14/2020
4/1/2021 1/1/2021 1/13/2021
5/1/2021 1/31/2021 2/15/2021
6/1/2021 3/3/2021 3/15/2021
7/1/2021 4/2/2021 4/12/2021
8/1/2021 5/1/2021 5/14/2021
9/1/2021 6/3/2021 6/15/2021
10/1/2021 7/3/2021 7/14/2021
11/1/2021 8/3/2021 8/17/2021
12/1/2021 9/2/2021 9/15/2021

Small business services
See our Contact a representative section for small business to get assistance with questions and requests related to your client's Kaiser Permanente account.