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Bronze plan information

For small businesses with 1 – 100 full time and full-time equivalent employees

About bronze plans

Bronze plans offer the lowest rates of all our plans with the highest out-of-pocket costs. Bronze plan types include deductible HMO, HSA-qualified high deductible HMO, and PPO insurance plans.

How to use plan benefit summaries

Your clients and their employees expect health care plans that are simple and easy to understand. Use the health care plan benefit summaries below to give your clients an overview of what their employees can expect to pay for services in each health care plan.

You can also use our Plan Highlights to help clients compare different plans side-by-side.

Benefit summaries for all bronze plans


For effective dates January 1–December 1, 2021

For effective dates July 1–December 1, 2019

For effective dates January 1–June 1, 2019

For effective dates July 1–December 1, 2018

For effective dates January 1–June 1, 2018

Additional benefits

For our HMO plans, additional coverage is available.  For more information about vision and dental benefits, see the Plan Highlights.

Chiropractic/acupuncture coverage is no longer available as an optional rider for our small group ACA-complaint metal plans. However, the Platinum 90 HMO 0/10 + Child Dental Alt, Gold 80 HMO 500/30 + Child Dental Alt, Silver 70 HMO 1000/55 + Child Dental Alt, and Silver 70 HMO 1800/55 + Child Dental Alt plans include chiropractic and acupuncture coverage, with the cost embedded in the medical plan rate. Please see the chiropractic/acupuncture benefit summary (PDF).

You can also find out about purchasing coverage through one of the exchange partners.

*Tax references relate to federal income tax only. Consult with your financial adviser for more information about state income tax laws.

PPO plans are not available through Covered California for Small Business (formerly known as SHOP).

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