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Small business policy updates

Underwriting Guidelines

Kaiser Permanente Small Group Underwriting Guidelines are updated twice annually. Review the policies below that will be included in the next update of our Underwriting Guidelines (PDF).

Review the policies below

Kaiser Permanente Small Group slice carrier policy clarification

Kaiser Permanente Small Group permits our coverage to be written alongside another carrier’s coverage (“sliced”) only if that other coverage is a fully insured, age-rated, ACA-compliant small group metal or grandfathered (nonmetal) health plan.

Plans that don’t qualify to be sliced and can’t be written alongside our coverage are non-ACA plans, composite-rated plans, level-funded or self-funded plans or association health plans (AHPs), including coverage for an AHPs issued by a carrier regulated by the California Department of Insurance.

The current policy set forth in the Underwriting Guidelines and the Employer Application will be modified with these clarifications accordingly. This is effective immediately.

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