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Kaiser Permanente has a wide range of dental plans to match your benefit design preferences and price range.

Traditional dental plans

We offer Traditional Dental Plans (PDF), where there is no out-of-pocket cost for preventive or diagnostic services.

Members may select a dental office convenient to their home or workplace from our dental staff directory. Our directory also includes a listing of the general dentists and specialists at each location.

Dental Choice

We also offer Dental Choice (PDF), which offers convenient and affordable choices for dental care. Under this plan, you can also cover out-of-state employees, who can choose a general dentist or specialist in their area.

Voluntary dental plans

We offer voluntary dental plans that give individual employees in your company the opportunity to enjoy a high-quality dental plan. With both Traditional and Choice dental offerings, voluntary dental is an easy way to add to your benefits package.

For more information

For more information about Kaiser Permanente dental plans, contact a representative. You can also request a quote or apply for coverage.

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