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Care away from home

Whether they’re traveling for work in a different country or visiting family in another state, your clients’ employees can be confident in Kaiser Permanente coverage. That’s because our members are covered for urgent and emergency care anywhere in the world.

Here’s how it works:

  • Emergency or urgent care —Members can get emergency or urgent care from any facility that has the care they need when traveling. They don’t have to let us know or get approval first. They’re covered.
  • Routine care —Members can get routine care in any Kaiser Permanente area. They should call Member Services in that area to set up visiting member status.

To make sure they can travel with confidence, Members have access to these resources and services:

Away from home travel line

Members now have a single number to call with questions about getting care away from home:
951-268-3900. The Away from Home Travel Line can help with things like:

  • finding care while on the road
  • filling prescriptions before or during travel
  • submitting claims if care is needed outside of a Kaiser Permanente area

The travel line works anywhere in the world, and it’s available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.*

Members will also find a library of resources and information online at The site covers many questions about getting care that come up before, during, or after travel.

Early refill on eligible prescriptions

Having enough medication to last through a trip can help make travel stress-free. To give members that peace of mind, we offer an early refill on eligible** prescriptions.

  • Normally, a prescription with an approved refill can only be refilled after a member has exhausted 70% of their prescription.
  • As of January 1, 2016, members can request a refill before they travel, even if their prescriptions haven’t reached the 70% threshold.

Members can request an early refill in person once per calendar year at any Kaiser Permanente–owned and –operated pharmacy. It’s also available at some contracted pharmacies.

Paying for Care

Members who travel to other Kaiser Permanente service areas will pay what they normally would in their home region – for example, a copay, coinsurance, or deductible payment. If what they paid doesn’t cover all of what they owe for the care received, they’ll get a bill for the difference later.

For more specific coverage information, members should refer to their plan details.

* This number can be dialed from both inside and outside the U.S. Outside, you must dial the U.S. country code 001 for landlines and +1 for mobile before the phone number. Long-distance charges may apply and we cannot accept collect calls. Phone line is closed major holidays. 

This service may not be available for some controlled medications by law, and the standard member cost sharing applies. 

Only emergency and Out of Area urgent care is covered anywhere in the world.

Urgent care from non-plan providers is covered only outside the service area. (If a member is traveling inside the service area, he/she has to get urgent care from a plan provider).

Routine care is available as a Visiting Member in other KP regions

In areas where there isn't a KP facility, the member is only covered for Out of Area urgent care or emergency care.

HSA qualified deductible plans are not eligible participants in the Care Away From Home Visiting Member program outside the state of California.

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